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Hermès Paris Presentation of Hermès Objects 2020 in Augmented reality. We gave life to Hermès press release creative booklet.

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Hermès Paris
May 2020

Where print & Digital Meet

Technology is a universal language. Incorporating Augmented Reality within that realm grants the ability to communicate information that transcends language. Words become secondary when you have the ability to communicate with a living document. Concepts that are hard to explain or complex in nature can now be viewed and experienced leading to increased understanding.

Physical booklet designed by Pilote Paris

In one such instance, Flare’s pioneering efforts with this augmented reality technology revolutionized the fashion market by immersing consumers into a world of innovation. Using the phone’s camera feature, pictures on the page become living documents. This is just one way that the augmented reality app enhanced communication.

Physical booklet designe by Pilote Paris

How It Works

The barcode from the Hermes look book is scanned using the camera of your phone. The look book is similar to a catalogue that can feature any type of information. In the look book, there are yellow stars next to items.

Simply move your camera over these items that have the star. The item literally jumps from the page with detailed animation and dances in front of your eyes, effectively showcasing what you want to communicate to the user.  

Throughout the look book, 3D images will bend, open, and provide alternative views that could not be seen by looking at a page. The augmented reality incorporated in the Hermes app relays information in an attractive way that the user can interact with to make an informed decision or understand in vivid detail the concept that is being relayed to them.


What This Means For Communication


Communicating ideas effectively is one of the most significant challenges that companies face. The augmented reality app would have a profound impact on how companies relay information on every level. Training, repair & maintenance, movies & scripts, anything that is dreamed can be communicated in a visual environment.


Innovation continues to press forward making retailers live up to their potential. Augmented reality can increase business profits, not only retail but any business that has a product or performs a service will benefit. In a world of competition, staying in sync with available technologies matter.

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